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To order CSS T43p preLoaded Computer Systems with eComStation (eCS),
Please fill in desired quantity of each below.

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The laptops sold here unless otherwise stated carry a two year warranty (except battery) when used under normal use. The warranties are provided indirectly by the manufacturer of the assembled components and are under the terms of the respective manufacturers agreements. As a customer of these systems CSS will assist in getting resolutions to issues, which may be subject to service charge costs. All prices are in USA dollars and software installed is English. The prices listed below are subject to change at anytime, due to events we can not control until the transaction is final.

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           preLoaded eComStation BASE CSS T43p system(s)
                     (for non-Preloaded T43p systems contact CSS for availability and pricing.);
                     Includes great Thinkpad model T43p, with hardware accelerated Scitech SNAP driver,
                     a 12 month eCS Subscription, 2.0 GA, etc.
                     When eCS 2.0 GA is released CSS T43p customers will receive 2.0 install CDs with payment of small shipping charge.
                         This laptop ships and works well with eComStation 2.0 RC4 preLoaded including suspend and resume.
            add $1699  T43P 14.1inch LCD 1400 x 1050
            add $1799  T43P 15.0inch LCD 1600 x 1200

            * chart of Known components that have been tested on our offered CSS T43p machine:

                    functions related to internal 
                    or external devices                    |            | suspend/resume
                    Ethernet LAN Adapter - wired (RJ45)    |    yes     |   yes
                    Ethernet LAN Adapter - wireless (b/g)  |    yes     |   yes
                                                           .            .
                    pcmcia fax/Modem                       |    yes     |   yes+
                                                           .            .
                    audio (sound)                          |    yes     |   yes
                                                           .            .
                    simultaneous LCD + external Monitor    |    yes     |   yes
                                                           .            .
                    USB key ring (compactFlash)            |    yes     |   yes++
                    USB external hardDisk                  |    yes     |   yes++
                    USB multiformat reader/writer          |    yes     |   yes++
                    USB scanner                            |    yes     |   yes

                    'fn' keys tested     |            
                    fn                   |  wakes up from suspend
                    fn-F3                |  blanks screen
                    fn-F4                |  suspends 
                    fn-F7                |  LCD only, external monitor only, both
                    fn-F12               |  HIBERNATE!
                    fn-Home              |  increases LCD brightness
                    fn-End               |  decreases LCD brightness
                    fn-PgUp              |  toggles light on top of LCD on/off

            +Will not suspend until device is physically ejected, however to resume
             one usually does *NOT* have to power down or reboot. 
             (NOTE: in our testing we did *NOT* have to power down or reboot.)

            ++One should 'eject' device, so the un-flushed data is properly stored
            before requesting to suspend the machine.

CSS T43p BASE Hardware components:
Genuine IBM/Lenovo Thinkpad T43p (Intel pentium M 2GHz or faster), preOwned (but very good condition) that has been factory tested and warranted (except battery) for 2 more years, 1 GB of RAM, 60GB hard disk, 1600 x 1200 15inch LCD or 1400 x 1050 14.1inch LCD, CDRW-DVD. Also note that the hard disk included was long formatted which tests for other issues and can take a significant amount of time to complete. This procedure and other burn in testing by CSS helps to reduce the odds of problems in the future. This leads to better reliability and system recovery on abrupt power outages.

         Hardware options which are assembled and fully tested with each BASE system you order:
            add $ 24   2GB Flash Memory USB Key/thumb drive
            add $ 25   Multiformat Flash Memory Card Reader, USB interface
                                     Formats include: SM, CF, MD, SD, SDHC, miniSD, MMC, MMCMobile,
                                                                    RS-MMC, memory stick pro and pro Duo.

            add $ 79   DVD burner for T43p at a very special price at time of T43p purchase.
                                          This burner is NEW genuine IBM/Lenovo, writes CD-RW 4X and DVD 2X,
                                          (part was mfg'd 2006 and has expired warranty),
                                          CSS will test drive with CD-RW and DVD+RW media before shipping.

         For USB serial: contact CSS for availability.

CSS T43p BASE Software components:
Preloaded and tested software includes: the tremendous eComstation (eCS) operating system, which includes the latest in open source Internet browsers including Mozilla/SeaMonkey and Firefox; 2.0  (packaged for eCS) also see which is very good handling many formats and also allows you to generate your own PDF documents easily; RSJ for CD burning; 2.0 GA is installed with eCS 2.0 rc4. Base software now includes eCS updates 12 months subscription and support 12 months subscription. Special bonus: every system ordered from CSS has installed the fantastic CSSDIR GUI software, natively written for eCS. Also included are full Software install CD/DVDs AND preload image restore CD/DVDs.

         Software options which can be installed with each BASE system you order:
            add $   65   Upgrade RSJ full version for DVD burning (with applicable hardware).
                                          CSS will install, configure and do verification that CD writer burns successfully.
                                          Full version also removes the 2x speed limit on recording/writing which is in the RSJ demo version.
                                          Tested writing with cd-r, cd-rw, dvd+rw, as usual results will vary based on media used.
                                          NOTE: To burn DVDs with CSS T43p it requires the purchase of a DVD burner (above).

            add $   55   Install and register PMVIEW PRO Multiformat image viewer/editor
            add $     0   No book
            add $   34 2 GuideBook, CSS highly recommends this book for ALL OO skill levels!

         zipCode; International orders use 99999

         Shipping charge with insurance contact CSS
         Approval Shipping Code obtained aftering contacting CSS for availability and location to ship to.
         your emailAddress to get shipping Charge and Approval code back to you!

     NOTE: All orders shipped to PA mailing addresses will be subject to PA sale taxes.

    Contact CSS  for shipping charge, customization, support contracts, service, and large quantities.   

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