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CSS WS400 NOW has real Hardware RAID with hot-swap option! See link below

Also beautiful Thinkpad T43p preloaded with eComStation from CSS, starting at $1699, See link below!

Dual-core CPUs are NOW included in base price of all WS400 machines.
    (Dual-core significantly increases performance, stability, and better multi-threading.)

When eComStation 2.0 GA is released CSS WS customers will receive 2.0 install CDs with only
payment of small shipping charge.

CSS WSs now ship with tested DVD-RAM capable DVD/CD drives.
eComStation 1.2R with key updates, and eComstation 2.0 beta are both preloaded on the hard drive.

Get a dual head accelerated PCIe x16 video card that flys with CSS preloaded Machines at no extra cost, (Dual head GIVES you the ability to run your desktop over 2 monitors, i.e. Double 1280 x 1024 resolutions have tested well on CSS WS with 17 inch LCD monitors, giving you a very large 2560 x 1024 desktop.)

All specials are available ONLY WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!

Reasons to buy from CSS:
  1) Privacy and web surfing,
  2) Virus resistant,
  3) CSS systems will save you time and trouble,
  4) CSS preload systems are hand selected and we choose quality hardware,
  5) CSS understands you can NOT get something for nothing,
  6) CSS has over 20 years design and implementation in the computing field,
  7) CSS offers technical support in fluent English,
  8) CSS systems are comprehensive,
  9) CSS cares, we are a responsive supplier,
10) CSS also knows much about the internal workings of software.

Reason details to buy from CSS


    CSS T43p      computer and options, starting at $1699

    CSS WS400   computer and options, starting at $  899

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