Curtis Systems Software P.C., as of Dec 04, 2006, formally announces the GA of:
CSSDIR GUI, a huge advance from past versions of cssdir! Cssdir, is the most powerful and flexible directory sifting tool for OS/2 Warp4, eComStation, and windows. This new Graphical User Interface (GUI) now allows any PC skill level from the beginner, intermediate, and advanced user to easily exploit the power and flexibility of the cssdir core engine. CSSDIR GUI was presented with great interest at WarpStock Windsor 2006 during Oct. in Ontario, Canada.

Highlights of what's NEW in this CSSDIR GUI Release!
  • CSSDIR still has the command line interface, but the major HUGE enhancement is a new friendly yet very powerful PM GUI, CSSDIR GUI! The GUI is natively written for the PM and leverages the time tested fantastic cssdir core engine. That engine has been tested on millions of directory entries.

  • CSSDIR GUI - consists of categorized notebook style pages, each page has pull down menus for fast, convenient, accurate, and flexible user choices. Pages include options for: filtering, searching, sorting, and formatting.

  • Has convenient histories on many users settings and past run requests, so DEFINE ONCE and REUSE very easily.

  • Has many predefined commands which with a few clicks will run complex and sophisticated requests for your system.

  • Has reusable 'PARTS' popup window to build your own queries.

  • Has handy jobSubmit priority pull down menu, especially handy for resource intensive requests such as power searching and computing 100,000's of files CRCs for snapshot purposes. This allows long running jobs not to bog your system down while trying to do other things in real time.

  • Displays your current request in your favorite editor automatically upon completion.

  • Integrates the monitor utility, so you can watch the progress of extensive and long running requests.

  • Displays current job running time, and allows you to stop the request at anytime quickly.

  • Has hotKeys to: submit requests, stop current request, monitor current process of request, and open/close reusable PARTS window.

  • Supported on OS/2 Warp4 (fp9) or later and Serenity Systems eComStation. Please note the GUI version is not currently available for ms windows.

  • 10 Reasons YOU need CSSDIRGUI

  • For the most detailed info including screen snapshots of CSSDIR GUI, along with a free limited time trial of the existing command line only (OS/2-eCS) version, download now from hobbes (approx 1.2MB download).

  • For brief overview (without screenshots) see

  • No serious beginner or advanced PC user should be without CSSDIR GUI.


end of CSSDIR GUI Announcement