last updated: 04Dec2006a
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Additional significant differences of CSSDIR over standard DIR:

  • sorting IS NOT just Limited to a subdirectory, you can combine multiple requests/drives!
    This feature alone, will tell you a whole lot about your system plus CSSDIR is FAST!

  • can sort MILLIONS of entries (across dirs/drives) in a single invocation,
    (standard DIR on some platforms breaks at sorting with as little as 1,300 entries in a single directory!!)

  • has power wildcard(s) option to be appended to all or some directory requests in a single invocation (Great for software developers, and searching for text string(s) over multiple projects!)

  • can give warning or list ONLY files that are 2 gigabytes or bigger in size (such file sizes CANNOT be stored on some fileSystems and some 3rd party utilities may have issues with their sizes)

  • can read dirSpecs from a file, (great for specific files you are continually watching)
  • can produce subDirectories only total summaries
  • can read exclude files/dirs from a file
  • depths of subdirectories inclusions CAN vary amongst requests in a single invocation!
  • can show the SECONDS portion of the time field (developers can appreciate this)
  • separate reports can be generated to different files in a single invocation
  • automatically aligns key total fields when you change field Layouts
  • allows user to skip or manually adjust total field alignments
  • allows user to set their own defaults through an environment Var or a configuration file
  • can show drive: type, size, and minimun file allocation size
  • output can be very friendly to parsing with REXX, or other scripting languages, etc.
  • can sort on the number of search string text matches in a generated listing
  • can sort by relative directories over multiple drives!
  • can indicate which entries are children of active hidden/system directory ancestors
  • can append a trailing \ on directory entries
  • can number all listed entries
  • priority is adjustable in OS/2 and eComStation
  • search by multiple date ranges that CAN vary amongst requests in a single invocation.
  • stdout and stderr can be rerouted internally (besides standard OS redirection)
  • has options to list key processing stage times: gather, CRC computation, total, etc.
  • can run detached, (which can be handy with a one connection telnet session)
  • can list only files that can't be read (because another process currently denies access)
  • can list just the '.' entry, no way to do that with standard DIR, valuable for EA info and Snapshots!
  • comes with over 50 documented usable examples
  • many fields can be displayed in different views: more or less detail, with or without commas, etc
  • has nearly 100 user controllable options, with reference style summary and detail help online
  • detects illegal filenames, that have been seen in NTFS!
    Standard DIR and other GUIs may hang or go in an infinite loop in such scenarios!

  • has hintString field, a coded string giving useful concise info
    With this field, you can see dir transitions and which dirRequest caused the entry to be listed

  • user can save options settings for friendly recall and reuse
    with access to environment variables when defining your own macros!

  • has many convenient symbolics (macros) which allow users to quickly find:
    duplicates, files that have changed for the current day, generate summary reports,
    compute CRCs, find only hidden and system entries and more ...

  • and don't forget CSSDIR PRO version also has a powerful Snapshot comparisons mode,
    see -> Key features of SnapShot comparison mode

  • Corporate training Classes are available. Request more information.