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Key features of CSSDIR's snapshot compare mode:
Now available for OS/2 Warp4, eComStation and Windows (NT, 2000, and XP),
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Do you ever browse the Internet with a computer that is directly or indirectly connected via a network that has your financial or other private information on it?
Then YOU need CSSDIR SNAPSHOT features, period! Virus protection programs are easily bypassed by today's computer hackers and once your PC is infected, often you can buy all the latest versions of anti-virus software and THEY WILL NOT FIND THE CURRENT VIRUS.

The hackers are usually one step ahead of anti-virus programs. If the anti-virus programs DO find a problem, you are usually directed to delete or replace a particular file, (as well as buy and continually update somemore anti-virus software). Often they cannot detect the newest viruses because they are hidden or simply renamed from what the anti-virus software is programmed to look for. In the meantime your private information is at risk and may be viewable by the WORLD, opening the door to your passwords, bank and credit card information, etc. Hello nightmare!

The hackers can keep changing what they do to computer systems but with CSSDIR SNAPSHOT comparison software you can detect any files that have changed. With anti-virus software you are still exposed because that software can only find viruses it is programmed to look for. CSSDIR SNAPSHOT and its comparison software takes a more exhaustive and extensive look at your filesystem than all known anti-virus software approaches.

Further, by doing timely CSSDIR snapshots and backups you can use your computer system(s) with greater confidence *** and recover from attacks while retaining much if not all of your other needed changes. Instead of just doing a DREADED TOTAL WINDOWS REINSTALL AGAIN and AGAIN (if you actually have the needed CDs, and can still get Microsoft's permission and reAuthorization approval to what you already paid for), as well as still losing precious time and all your work!!

*** We also recommend using appropriate security measures [firewalls, etc] as well as consider switching to a more robust operating system, such as eComStation(eCS) as well as using a current Mozilla web browser, and wisely choosing a quality email program. NOTE: Trying to use some operating systems after you weigh all the factors, such as down time due to viruses, "upgraditis" (requiring new and faster hardware, and which can also break existing applications, which now may also require yet another "upgrade" and rePurchase), continual patches, DLL hell, and other yet to be discovered exposures can produce insanity and prove to have a VERY HIGH ONGOING TOTAL COST.

With CSSDIR snapshot comparisons mode:

  • You can list exactly what files has changed between snapshots!

  • You can control exactly what differences you wish to see:
    new files, deleted files, changed files ...

  • Within the changed files you can narrow it down to files that have changed by
    a certain number of bytes, files that grew, files that shrank, or that changed by a specified percentage!

  • Wondering what an installation program has done to your system?
    Or what has changed since your system started behaving STRANGE?

    With CSSDIR you can now snapshot (or baseline) your drive(s) before and after to detect exactly what files have changed, (including right down to the files attributes, dates, and even if the case of the filename changed!!), all with the PRO version of CSSDIR!

  • SnapShot compares can be done between the contents of the two snapshots or be narrowed down by a single branch or multiple branches as well.

  • SnapShots produced can be very simple or quite complex and can include multiple requests over multiple drives or UNC names!

  • Bare full filespecs of new and changed files can be generated to be used with archive utilities such zip or rar!

  • Multiple reports can be generated to separate files, with more or fewer details in a single invocation! These reports can be used with scripts and to capture day to day changes while archiving the altered files and details at the same time!
With a balanced approach of timely strategic CSSDIR snapshots coupled with key system backups one can minimize storage needs, backup times, and have a robust recovery plan when you need it most. You can also become much more informed about changes happening in your critical computer system(s). Curtis Systems Software P.C. also provides Corporate training Classes. Request more information.

All SYSTEM administrators and POWER users need CSSDIR snapshot comparison software!

CSSDIR is NOT bloatware, is NOT a toy, and is NOT Somethin' for Nothin',
it's value-packed software written specifically for OS/2, eComStation(eCS) and Windows!

Get a grip on YOUR computer system(s), Purchase CSSDIR NOW!