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               (last update: 2006 Dec 04)

GA_3.21 Windows release
  * GA_ReleaseDate 3.21 Dec 04, 2006

  changes or notes since windows version 1.x follow:

  * tested on XP pro, NT with SP6, win2k, and win2k pro

  * bumped version 1.x of windows to 3.21 which is now comparable in 
    possible functionality of 3.21 for OS/2 and eComstation versions, 
    with exception of /Py: and /Ecrc: options.
  * now windows versions are offered with different levels of licensing 
    and pricing: Pro(fessional), E(nterprise)Pro(fessional)
    Some key differences between Pro and EPro follow:

          cssdir  Feature         |   Pro      |    EPro
          Power wildcards option  |  limited   | approx 20-30
          aka /Wc:                |     5      |
                                  .            .
          Output multiple reports |    yes     |     yes
           in single run (/List:) |     3      |    many  
                                  .            .
          can run FROM network    |    no      |     yes
                                  .            .
          Network (unc or drive)  |    yes     |     yes
             count limit          |     5      |   only OS limited 
           total storage per      |   150GB    |   only OS limited 
                                  .            .
          Storage total (LCL&NET) |   950GB    |   to 4+Terabytes
                                  |            | contact css for info
                                  .            .
          Filtering output results|  750,000   |   to 4 million +
           file/directory entries |            | contact css for info
                                  .            .
          Phone support (30 min)  |     no     |     yes

  * changed default /Lfa5  to /Lfa3 ... now dir like for file attribute
    by default

  * when cssdir.exe exits with code of 110 or 104 (cmd line args issues)
    After that error message cssdir now displays cmd line args passed to it.

  * increased allowable maxlinelength /Schml: to 8192, was 4096 previously

  * added new option /Lasfwopt: ... by default it does not consider many
     of the "drawing" chars [outside normal displayable chars 0x1F to 0x7F]  
     and issues warnings (during a /Sch: operation)
         /Lasfwopt:0   gives warning on chars outside 0x1F-0x7F
         /Lasfwopt:1   do not give warning on the "drawing chars"
         For help on /Lasfwopt:  please use cssdir -hx 

  * added /Lrzz3  to list easize on zz files to match OS/2 and ecomstation 
      version however EASIZE in cssdir for windows is always 0.

  * added to online help to include envVars - cssdirSkipDrvs 

  * some cleanup with more strigent compiler warnings

  * Within cssdir.cfg
      /$di$/  changed to include all drives except skipped ones
      added /$allDi$/ which includes all drives (does not skip any)
      added /$crcNoLicense$/  
      added /$bdi$/ to list boot drive info
      added /$cdi$/ to list current drive info
      added /Lrms to /$disetup$/ which gives error/warning msgs totals,
          this is handy when using any of the /$...di$/ symbolics

      If you wish to use your existing cssdir.cfg file please update
      it accordingly from this new cssdir.cfg

  * meaning updated on CSSDIR137: 
    a higher level purchased registered license is required, appropriate
    text will be displayed on issuance of CSSDIR137

  * added CSSDIR173: license limiting error

  * licensing terms have been adjusted, and are in terms; These supercede 
    all other included ones.

  * fixed issue when /Lfd3 is requested on root drive directory which has
    no '.' entry, i.e. NTFS, FAT and possibly others.

  * auto generated symbolic constant /$$RmtDrvs$/ will now not translate
    to empty string if no remote drives are detected. Instead it will
    translate into '?:noRemoteDrivesFound'.

  * fixed issue: error opening a file during multiple search strings

  * fixed an issue with /Foo: and /Lrzz count 

  * fixed issue with /Sscm when multiple dirspecs are used in certain modes

  * existing documentation for version 1.x has not be adjusted at the GA
    windows cssdir 3.21 release, above text is representative
    of changes since 1.x

  previous release notes
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