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               (last update: 2008 May 29)

GA_5.01 OS/2 and eComstation release
  * GA_ReleaseDate 5.01 May 29, 2008

  * tested specifically on OS2Warp 4 (fp9), ecs 1.2R, and ecs 2.0 RC4.
    Other versions of OS2Warp 4 beyond fp9 should also work.

  * unless noted all changes are outside of cssdirG.exe

  * added big file (>= 2gigabyte) support for CRCing files as well
    as to producing message digests (next item below)

  * added message digests MD5, SHA1, SHA256 support and applicable 
    options. This allows user to compute none to any combination of
    message digests or CRCs for BOTH a files contents and EAs!!
    /Fmdg:CM12  computes CRC, MD5, SHA1 and SHA256 for files found
    /Emdg:CM12  computes CRC, MD5, SHA1 and SHA256 for a files EAs
         If user only wants CRC and SHA256 use /Fmdg:C2
         If none wanted use /Fmdg:N  and/or /Emdg:N 
         /Lfc controls whether /Fmdg: fields are displayed or not,
         if not explicitly set it will default to /Lfc1 if any are computed.
         /Lfb controls whether /Emdg: fields are displayed or not,
         if not explicitly set it will default to /Lfb1 if any are computed.
         Explicity set means after the /Fmdg: or /Emdg: option has been
         listed on the command line.
    /Lxcv:CM12 controls which if any message digests results from /Fmdg:
    you want to list, if not set it matches what /Fmdg: was set too.
    The order of options with /Lxcv: determine what order they are listed.

    /Lxbv:CM12 controls which if any message digests results from /Emdg:
    you want to list, if not set it matches what /Emdg: was set too.
    The order of options with /Lxbv: determine what order they are listed.

    HINT: until you are used to the new fields displaying use the /Lrll option 
    to label the column fields.  Try these:
    cssdir /Fmdg:cm  /Lrll
    cssdir /Fmdg:mc  /Lrll   
    cssdir /Fmdg:c1  /Lrll3
    cssdir /Emdg:m /Fmdg:m  /Lrll
    cssdir /Fmdg:m  /Lxlo:scf /Lrll /a-d
    cssdir /00 /Fmdg:m  /Emdg:m  /Lxlo:sbcf /Lff /Lrll3 /a-d 
    cssdir /00 /Fmdg:cm /Emdg:cm /Lxlo:sbcf /Lff /Lrll3 /a-d 

  * /Fcrc: and /Ecrc: are now accomplished through /Fmdg:c and /Emdg:c

  * improving filtering in snapshot compare mode, when listing a file
    and ignoring certain attributes to still display those differences
    if other attributes are different causing the file(s) to be listed.

  * cssdir.cfg adjustments:
    symbolics /$snapshotlist$/ and /$ssl$/, will now include CRC and 
    SHA256 for both EAs and files Contents. With this enhancement it
    is nearly impossible to miss changes when files are not identical!
    The /Sscm option now requires both snapshot files (ssl) be generated
    by the adjusted  /$snapshotlist$/ or /$ssl$/ option.

  * fixed issue when using /Lxuf: with more than 2 directory branches 

  * adding error 'Volume Dirty' message (and continuation) if a volume
    is currently not available because it is dirty. Previously just 
    exited on issuing an error message code.

  * added error message CSSDIR101: DLL error, can not load or internal
    errors, cssdir.exe dumps error and exits.

  * added /Rbuf: which allows setting buffering size used with /Fmdg:
    and /Emdg: options, default is 64K, range is 1-4096K

  * searching for text within files (using option /Sch:) is still currently 
    limited to files that are under 2 gigabytes in size, if there is a need 
    for searching files 2 gibabytes and larger ... send us an email.

GA_4.15 OS/2 and eComstation release
  * GA_ReleaseDate 4.15 Dec 04, 2006

  * fixed issue when /Lfd3 is requested on root drive directory which has
    no '.' entry, i.e. NTFS, FAT and possibly others.

  * auto generated symbolic constant /$$RmtDrvs$/ will now not translate
    to empty string if no remote drives are detected. Instead it will
    translate into '?:noRemoteDrivesFound'.

  * licensing terms have been adjusted, and are in terms; These supercede 
    all other included ones.

  * GA_ReleaseDate 4.13 Nov 13, 2006
  * GA_ReleaseDate 4.10 Oct 19, 2006 
  changes since oct 14, 2006 GA_4.0 release:
  * tested on limited OS/2 warp 4 machine, that machine tested with
    was preLVM OS/2 warp 4, and all tests performed passed.
    NOTE: GA 4.x has been tested on many different eCS systems, 1.03,
    1.1, 1.2, 1.2R. It has also had limited testing on eCS under VPC.

  * revised cssdirG.hlp file; mainly typos and minor reWording.

  * virtually eliminated all network disconnection delays during
    cssdirGUI startup.

  * added some more details in 'about' notebook scrollable screen window,
    having to with invocation time curDirs, etc, NOTE the contents of that
    window are subject to change in the future.

  * patched a tool bug; which did NOT handle access properly to cssdirGUI 
    command line parameters in all cases. [Command line startup parameters are
    rarely used by most users, so many did not experience this issue.]

  * little tweak on a few buttons sizes on 'main' notebook page, because
    top of text slightly clipped on some LCD displays in OS/2 warp 4.

  * added searchStats option dropdown on 'search' notebook page

  * added submitJobPriority option dropdown on 'search' notebook page

  * added to reusable 'parts' box ... search pre-canned item
  * added to reusable 'parts' box ... /$crcNoLicense$/ 
  * symbolic definitions changes in cssdir.cfg 
    /$crc$/ now includes /Py:31
    added /$crcNoLicense$/  
  * changed window list entry to have pid near the beginning of line so
    user can quickly identify a specific instance of cssdirGUI running;
    also adjusted all windows within GUI to follow similar format

  * fixed a monitor window issue, having to do with some limitations
    of tool used. Also fixed an issue with monitoring missing informational
    entries on number of bytes searched within large files (cssdir.exe change)

  * fixed exceptions with fast start and stops under object Rexx

  * fixed another a exception which would effectively run out of 
    resources due to a tool limitation, when populating the monitor
    window on long running jobs

  * reduced the frequency of labeling the contents of the monitor
    window (better for long running jobs) (also cssmon.cmd change)

  * added some prepopulated items for /Wc: enableWcOption on 'filter' page 
    These have proved to useful to developer of cssdirGUI and maybe for you!

  * added some prepopulated items for /Xr1: enableXcludeFiles on 'filter page 
    These have proved to useful to developer of cssdirGUI and maybe for you!

  * some users had issue with registration failing ... this is fixed now

  * improved installation procedure ... now it gives a clear indication 
    that it was or wasn't successfully registered, also if user invokes 
    install from double clicking on icon, the install.cmd does not close
    automatically. This gives users a chance to read the outcome of the
    registration process.

  * main.'delSesAGFonExit' is now checked by default out-of-the-box

    With the above adjustments there are no known issues if you are
    running Classic Rexx (which is the default environment for OS/2
    and eComstation).

  *** KNOWN issues ... If you are running object REXX, you may have
    issues from time to time because of some flakeyness in that environment.
    Please report what version of OS/2 or eComstation you are running. 
    I.E. ecs 1.00 or ecs 1.1 or ecs 1.2 or ecs 1.2R. 
    We can not promise resolution of problems with the ObjRexx environment. 
    If you are willing to fund an effort to research and possibly fix the 
    object REXX environment, please let us know.
    [If you must use that environment, you may be able to recover by 
    resetting the WPS (could use TOP to do this). ALSO it has been found that
    you may increase your odds of not having to reboot if you wait until
    all disk activity has ceased before leaving the TOP program after any
    request to reset the WPS. Another Suggestion is to leave cssdirGUI 
    running: during no active cssdir requests it takes very little resources.]

GA_4.0 OS/2 and eComstation release 
  * GA_ReleaseDate Oct 14, 2006

  * GA_4.02 OS/2 and eComStation tested on eComStation 1.03, eComStation 1.2R

  major enhancement to CSSDIR ... first release of cssdirGUI!!! 
  install.cmd  --- installs cssdirGUI to desktop in form of 
                   workPlaceShell Object

   New documentation for cssdirGUI has been added in form of ascii text
   file call cssdirG.hlp, invokable from GUI with F1 and help pushbutton.

  cssdirG.exe  --- new gui frontend to cssdir.exe!
  Please note:
  the command line version of cssdir.exe has also been changed. The changes
  related to cssdir.exe follow below, some minor issues were fixed or adjusted
  to work with cssdirGUI:

  changed default /Lfa5  to /Lfa3 ... now dir like for file attribute
     by default

  on cssdir.exe exit code of 110 or 104 ... cmd line args issues then
     it first displays command line args passed to it

  fixed issue erroropening a file during multiple search str

  increased allowable maxlinelength /Schml: to 8192, was 4096 previously

  cleaned up code when running more strigent compiler warnings

  added new option /Lasfwopt: ... by default it does not consider many
     of the "drawing" chars [outside normal displayable chars 0x1F to 0x7F]  
     and issue warnings (during a /Sch: operation)

     available setting /Lasfwopt:0   given warning on chars outside 0x1F-0x7F
                       /Lasfwopt:1   do not give warning on the "drawing chars"
     For help on /Lasfwopt:  please use cssdir -hx 

  fixed and issue with /Foo: and /Lrzz count issue 

   added /Lrzz3  to list easize on zz files

   added error message [sharingViolation] instead of just rc value, can be 
      helpful if one is trying to use a device another owns (i.e. cd vpc)

   added to online help envVar cssdirSkipDrvs 

   Within cssdir.cfg
      /$di$/  changed to include all drives except skipped ones
      /$allDi$/  added to include all drives do not skip any 
      If you wish to use your existing cssdir.cfg file please update
      the file with for /$di$/ and /$allDi$/ in from the new cssdir.cfg

   fix issue with /Sscm when multiple dirspecs are used in certain modes

   current version of cssdirGUI always sets cssdirCfg envVar before
   invoking background process cssdir.exe to find the cssdir.cfg file
   in the invocation directory of cssdirG.exe, if invocation dir
   is c:\cssdir  then cssdirCfg=c:\cssdir\cssdir.cfg

   existing documentation for version 3.x has not be adjusted at the GA
   of cssdirGUI and cssdir 4.0 release, above text is representative
   of changes since 3.x and the GUI is a huge enhancement!

  previous release notes
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