last updated: 21May2008a
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Comparison of CSSDIR OS/2/eComStation(eCS) versus Windows version:

The OS/2-eComStation and the Windows version are nearly identical in functionality.

  • differences and notes between platforms:
    • CSSDIR current version: OS/2-eComStation is 5.01, Windows is 3.21
    • CSSDIR OS/2-eComStation's version tested on:
      Warp4 fp9, eCS: 1.03, 1.14, 1.2, 1.2R, 2.0RC4. Release Notes
    • CSSDIR Windows' version tested on:
      NT sp6, 2000, 2000 pro, 2000 server, and XP. Release Notes
    • CSSDIR Lean system requirements details for all platforms.
    • setting CSSDIR's priority via /Py: only available in OS/2-eComStation
    • CSSMON use in Windows must spell out the full namedPipe
    • Shareware version only available in OS/2-eComStation.
    • Windows version currently does not support computing message digests, contact us on availability.
    • OS/2-eComstation can compute CRCs and messages digests on files that are 2 gigabytes or larger.
    • Windows version can detect 8 more file attribute types which exist in Windows filesystems
    • OS/2-eComStation lists EA sizes and PRO version can compute EA CRCs
    • OS/2-eComStation also have a GUI, for windows GUI contact us.
    • Due to the more varied market there are two levels of the windows version, see details.

    • Out of the box default setting for Virtual Memory (VM) limits on usage
      (User may increase for specific huge invocations requests)
      Windows is 100 megabyte
      eComStation is 1 gigabyte
      OS/2 Warp4 is up to 1 gigabyte (requires a fixpak applied for extended VM up to 2 gigabytes), otherwise the limit is its available private process memory, usually about 200-250meg.
      The reason eComStation and some OS/2 versions have a higher default is because the OS VM implementation works as expected, no matter how many processes make use of it.

    • REXX bonus utilities cssrss.cmd and shortCuts: d.cmd, ds.cmd, dm.cmd, dsm.cmd
      can only be used in Windows IF users installs REXX.

    • Util mode of CSSDIR only available in OS/2-eComStation.
      currently this adds capability of changing a dir/file entry's lastWritten timeStamp

    • Pricing is different between platforms