Curtis Systems Software P.C. has announced as of July 21, 2004 (minor refresh Aug 2), a new GA CSSDIR release! The most powerful and flexible directory sifting tool for OS/2 Warp4, eComStation, and now Windows.

Highlights of what's NEW in this CSSDIR Release!
  • CSSDIR is dual platform! OS/2 Warp4/eComStation, and now Windows (NT, 2000, and XP), separate licenses required.
  • new version detects files with invalid dates!
  • new version detects illegal filesnames, which standard DIR can have problems with, and GUIs can hang!
  • power wildcard(s) option enhanced to allow subdirectories when glueing base pathname(s) together, which can be a very optimal and concise way of searching very specific sets of files and directories FAST!
  • user can now isolate their custom configuration macro (symbolic) definitions with the added capability of the '#include' option allowed in configuration files!
  • added a more powerful UNIX style 'which' capability
  • snapshot (baseline) comparison mode has improved warning messages.
    For more info on Key features of CSSDIR's powerful SnapShot comparison mode.
  • has a number of changes to accomadate the new Windows version, ... so snapshots can be compared between platforms.
  • existing license holders can get this great update for no additional charge
  • current OS/2 Warp4 and eComStation's CSSDIR version is 3.21
  • current Windows NT, 2000, and XP's CSSDIR version is 1.03
  • OS/2 Warp4/eComStation trial available from hobbes: download version 3.21
  • No serious PC user should be without CSSDIR. To purchase or for more information, visit the much improved website to see the advantages and HUGE capabilities of using CSSDIR regularly at