Curtis Systems Software P.C., as of May 29, 2008 announces the GA of the next version of CSSDIR , Cssdir, is the most powerful and flexible directory sifting tool for OS/2 Warp4, eComStation, and windows. The new version is currently only available for OS/2 and eComStation.

Highlights of what's NEW in this CSSDIR 5.01 Release!
  • Added message digests MD5, SHA1, SHA256 support and applicable options. This allows user to compute none to any combination of message digests or CRCs for BOTH a files contents and EAs!!

  • Added big file (>= 2gigabyte) support for CRCing files as well as to producing message digests MD5, SHA1, and SHA256!!

  • With messages digests, Snapshot compare mode is very robust in the detection of ANY file changes, NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE TO FOOL!

  • Improved filtering in snapshot compare mode, when listing a file and ignoring certain attributes to still display those differences if other attributes are different causing the file(s) to be listed.

  • All the above options work with all the other amazing features that already exist in CSSDIR. This allows users to display what they want and how they want it ordered in one or more listings all in one invocation as well!

  • Release notes of version 5.01

  • For brief overview (without screenshots) see

  • No serious PC user should be without CSSDIR.


end of CSSDIR 5.01 Announcement